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  Immigration Enforcement Information Posted 6/22/2012 

 Respuestas a las Preguntas del Encuentro LatinoNet

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Comentarios en los Posters

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 Responses to Encuentro LatinoNet Questions

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  Comments on Posters

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 2012 LatinoNet Leadership Award Recipients

 From left to right: Haydee Hopkins, Maite Cortes, Fr. Ismael Mora, and Antonia Madrigal

LatinoNet Leadership Awards 2011

  2011 LatinoNet Leadership Award RecipientsMarch 23rd, 2011

From left to right: Blanca Bautista, Mariana Tejeda, Jaime Montoya, and Jose Quezada. 


Humboldt Health Alert

Humboldt Health Alert is a source of accurate information about current health issues that may affect the residents of, or visitors to, Humboldt County. Its purpose is to inform the public of critical issues that may impact their health and to provide information people can use to avoid illness or injury.






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